Student-Client Commentaries

Richard Loth, Investment Analyst/Educator

Mr. Loth is the founder of the Fund Investor’s Schoolhouse, a virtual classroom for mutual fund investing education, and author of the Schoolhouse’s most recent publication, Exceptional Mutual Fund Investing Know-How from Morningstar.

Selected commentaries from investment education lecture attendees, and Schoolhouse student-clients:

DR: “His [Loth’s] passion for others to learn makes him a true educator.”

TM: “Loth wades through multiple viewpoints and data, and then makes sense out of them for the inexperienced investor.”

BC: “As a former teacher, I can appreciate Richard’s impressive teaching skills, and as a [Schoolhouse] ‘student’ I’ve learned much about investing from him.”

DP: “The tools you’ve provided in your lectures have been immensely valuable in achieving a new found level of found investing confidence.”

JH: “I’ve learned more from Richard’s tutorials in the past few months than I learned in the past 20 years!”

CC: “Richard Loth has a passion for educating people how to invest wisely and prudently. He’s an informed, interesting, and exuberant presenter.”

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