Schoolhouse Solution


When it comes to understanding the investment process, and you’re unsure about what to do, or not to do, it’s time to consider the Schoolhouse Solution.

First, focus your attention on mutual funds. As I alluded to in my opening remarks, mutual funds are a convenient, relatively easy to understand investment product. The objective of the Schoolhouse Solution, therefore, is to provide you, as a fund investor, with the know-how to make informed investment decisions with this product. Simply stated, I encourage you to follow Ben Franklin’s advice [see Home Page] and “invest” in a small amount of Schoolhouse time [between two to six hours] and money [low “tuition” rates] to learn the ABCs of mutual fund investing.

Whether you are currently a do-it-yourselfer, or working with an investment professional, or investing as a participant in a 401(k)-like retirement plan, knowing what you own and why you own it is a primary consideration for successful investing. This simple rule is what guides the Schoolhouse Solution’s curriculum, which is based on learning by doing.

I provide one-on-one instruction using existing Schoolhouse study guides and Morningstar’s online database [available to San Diegans, courtesy of the San Diego County, Carlsbad, and Coronado libraries] for a treasure trove of mutual fund research and analysis.

Please use my email contact to request a complimentary consultation that will provide you with more details regarding the Schoolhouse Solution.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Richard Loth
Investment Analyst/Educator

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The Fund Investor's Schoolhouse™ is a learning center for mutual fund investing know-how.
Investment illiteracy is pervasive and will be, or is, seriously detrimental to millions of Americans' financial health.