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Richard Loth

From the early 1960s to the early 1990s, Richard Loth was involved in a wide range of managerial financial pursuits in international banking, corporate finance, and investment analysis in Latin America, Africa, and the Far East.

The lessons learned from this professional experience prompted Mr. Loth’s interest in personal investing. In the late 1980s, he became concerned about the issue of investment literacy as this phenomenon relates to the general investing public. Since then, he has dedicated a considerable amount of time to the educational needs of the individual investor.

In this regard, Loth’s first book, The Annual Report Glossary (1988), was written as a training manual for corporate investor relations professionals. Another two, How to Profit from Reading Annual Reports (1993) and Select Winning Stocks Using Financial Statements (1999), were written for individual investors and published by Dearborn Financial Publishing, Chicago. In addition, Loth also authored (1994) an American Stock Exchange public affairs brochure, The Shareholder’s Glossary. His last book, Finding Investment Quality in a Mutual Fund (2006), appears as a tutorial on the website. Over the years, Loth has also written numerous investment education articles for various newsletters, financial websites, and community newspapers.

His latest writing endeavor, Exceptional Mutual Fund Investing Know-How From Morningstar, is being released (September 2016), as a self-published guidebook for mutual fund investors.

In 2002, Loth formed Mentor Investing, an independent Registered Investment Adviser, which, as managing principal, he owned and operated for eight years in Vail, Colorado. In 2012, he created the Fund Investor’s Schoolhouse™, which is a web-based provider of mutual fund investing educational content. Under the Schoolhouse “banner,” Loth conducts pro bono investment education lectures at various public venues and one-on-one fee-based tutorials to individual fund investors.

Loth’s skills as a self-described “investment educator” have developed over time. He has taught at the Georgetown University Business School (1986) and lectured at the Vail Campus of the Colorado Mountain College (1992-93). He was a guest instructor at the University of Maine’s Hutchinson Center, Belfast, Maine (2002-03), on investment basics. As a long-time resident (1991-2010) in the Vail Valley, Colorado, Loth conducted monthly investment workshops at the public libraries in this area. After moving to California, Loth eventually teamed up with the San Diego County Library’s Encinitas Branch (2014) to undertake a weekly educational mutual fund lecture series. Subsequently, these lectures were extended to include the Del Mar and La Jolla libraries, the OASIS Mission Valley adult education facility, and the Carlsbad Senior Center.

Loth is a graduate of the University of Vermont (BA, 1959), the University of Colorado (MA, 1961), and the American Graduate School of International Management (BFT, 1962), majoring in political science and international business, respectively. He has been a member of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) since the mid-1980s.

Since 2010, Loth and his wife, Nancy, have been residents of Solana Beach, California, having lived previously for twenty years in the Vail Valley, Colorado.

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