Exceptional Mutual Fund Investing Know-How From Morningstar

A San Diegan investor’s guidebook for
learning how to use Morningstar Library Services’ online database

By Richard Loth

Author’s Note:

In investing circles, it is often said that what you don’t know can hurt you, or, at best, can be very problematical. This condition has particular relevance to mutual fund investors in San Diego County.

Why single out San Diegan investors? Here’s the backstory.

Since June 2014, I’ve been conducting investment education lectures to hundreds of attendees at local public libraries, community centers, and adult learning venues. What I have discovered is that only a handful of people attending these presentations knew of the existence of Morningstar Library Services’ [MLS] unique subscription-based online database.

Fortunately, this resource, which is a treasure-trove of mutual fund investing know-how, is available to the public through membership with three subscriber-libraries in our area – San Diego County, Carlsbad, and Coronado. With an Internet connection and a computer, library members of any of the aforementioned have free access to the Morningstar database from the comfort/convenience of their homes,

If you are a San Diegan fund investor and are not familiar with Morningstar, that circumstance needs to change. The company is an independent investment research firm that is widely recognized in investing circles for the breadth and depth of it’s quantitative and qualitative analytics on mutual funds. Its comprehensive fund investing content is unmatched in the financial industry. For individual fund investors, Morningstar provides the-best-there-is in mutual fund investing guidance.

Simply stated, the unique Exceptional Mutual Fund Investing Know-How From Morningstar guidebook shows readers how to access, interpret, and use a San Diegan subscriber library’s Morningstar online database.

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