More people invest in mutual funds than any other investment product. As practiced by the vast majority of non-professional individual investors, investing, for them, means investing in mutual funds.

However, while mutual funds are a popular and relatively simple investing vehicle, many individual investors lack financial know-how, are time-challenged, and suffer from information overload. As a consequence, numerous academic studies show that the average investor’s returns are considerably below those provided by the markets’ investment indexes.

In this regard, rightly or wrongly, many in the investing public are skeptical about the help that professional money managers can provide to address this issue. It appears that a lack of trust, control issues, and perceived high fees are three principal causes of the public’s skepticism.

For individuals, there are a number of ways for solving this investment management dilemma. The Schoolhouse’s response is to use “actionable-education,” which means preparing an investor to select and monitor an investment portfolio that is easy-to-understand, low-cost, high-quality, and good for the long-term. For details on how this do-it-yourself investing is accomplished, go to the next section, the Schoolhouse Solution.

A professional lifetime, over 40 years, in and around financial markets has given me the opportunity to absorb a huge dose of experience and expertise about the investment process. Through the Schoolhouse, I’d like to share my investing know-how with those individuals who want to become knowledgeable do-it-yourself investors.

Richard Loth
Schoolhouse Founder & Investment Educator

The Fund Investor's Schoolhouse™ is a learning center for mutual fund investing know-how.
[Loth] ... sees his role as being someone who wades through multiple viewpoints and data, and then makes sense out of them for people who don't have a high degree of investment literacy.