The five headline-words expressed above summarize the conclusion of Ms. Coombes’ review of a 2009 national investor survey conducted by FINRA’s [Financial Regulatory Authority] Investor Education Foundation. Unfortunately, this study, along with many others of this nature, highlights an investment literacy issue that has been around for many years. Simply stated, it’s obvious that the general investing public needs, and deserves, help.

As a learning center, the mission of the Fund Investor’s Schoolhouse™ is to address this problematical circumstance by providing individual investors with the tools to improve their mutual fund investing skills [see Become a Student]. The Schoolhouse has a large content base of numerous articles, monographs, tutorials, and instructional booklets, all of which can be characterized as easy-to-understand, unbiased mutual fund educational resources.

In addition to working directly with individual mutual fund investors, the Schoolhouse is also positioned to be a content provider to financial websites and the digital news media interested in high-quality, low-cost educationally oriented material for their fund investing audiences.

A professional lifetime in and around financial markets has given me the opportunity to absorb a huge dose of experiential-education about the investment process. As the Schoolhouse’s founder, and author of its instructional material, I’d like to share my mutual fund investing skills and insights with those individual investors who want to build good quality retirement investment portfolios.

Richard Loth
Schoolhouse Founder & Educator

The Fund Investor's Schoolhouse™ is a learning center for mutual fund investing know-how.
[Loth] ... sees his role as being someone who wades through multiple viewpoints and data, and then makes sense out of them for people who don't have a high degree of investment literacy.